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Are you looking for a reliable locksmith in Joondalup? Do you want a local, just like you, who doesn’t live far away and who knows the area? Power Lock & Security is always here to assist you!

Local Locksmiths Offering Local Services

Living and working in the city of Joondalup makes us the chief locksmith in the area. From supply and fitting to upgrades, keyrings and new keys, plus lockout and emergency services, we are your go-to family business.

Our Wide Range of Mobile Services

If you are in Joondalup, we can provide you with all the mobile locksmith services you require. Are you locked out and in need of emergency assistance? Of do you simply require a security upgrade? With Power Lock & Security, we can do everything from a simple change of locks to reducing the bulk on your keychain by converging your various keys into one master key.

Servicing Your Security Needs

Don’t wait until all your stuff is gone! Get your house the protection it needs against burglary BEFORE it happens! We can survey your property and fit it out with the security equipment you need to keep your family and belongings safe.

Taking Care of Your New Home

Your new home in Joondalup deserves the best security you can afford. At Power Lock & Security, we will change your locks to ensure anyone who has lived in the house prior will not be able to use their old keys to enter your home. This does not mean refitting your whole home with new hardware. You can keep the existing hardware and we’ll simply change the pins to suit the newly cut key. This saves you time and money but maintains a high level of safety.

Not Just a Locksmith!

We don’t just offer lock services! We can provide assistance with electronic security, swipe access systems, digital locks and safes. We also operate, service, maintain and assist with padlocks, gate locks, WAS locks and meter box locks.

Get in Touch!

So, if you’re in a bind, need some advice on the best security measures for your existing or new property or would just like to have a further chat about our services, call us today, on 0420 909 039, or email us at sales@powerlock.com.au.

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