Do you need a local Clarkson Locksmith? Someone who knows the area and lives in the northern suburbs? Best contact Power Lock & Security, servicing the Clarkson area for years!

We live and work in the Clarkson area, making us the best locksmith in the area.. We can meet all your needs from supply and fitting, upgrades, rekeying and new keys, to lockout and emergency service.

We can ensure you security, and convenience. How would you like to have just one key that operates your entire house, or your business? We can make that bulky key ring into an efficient simple solution. We do not even need to change your hardware, saving you money.

Why not call us today, and book an appointment for a FREE security site survey. Often a locksmith is called too late in Clarkson, after the burglary. Why not have us suggest solutions to prevent a break in before it happens?

Changing the locks is as simple as re-pinning the locks to suit a new key. So we do not need to replace the hardware, but can ensure any old keys are no longer gain access to the property. This is obviously a great idea when purchasing a new property. So the next time you purchase a property in Clarkson, call on your local locksmith to assist in securing your newest asset. 

Locksmiths do far more than ever. Not only do we repair and fix locks, but we can supply and install new ones in addition. We also supply and install safes, gate locks, padlocks, utility locks, WAS and Western Power approved locks, every lock imaginable. 

So call us today, on 0420 909 039, or email us at sales@powerlock.com.au

All information can be found at www.powerlock.com.au

Thanks for supporting a small, family business, your reliable affordable and friendly locksmith in Joondalup.

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