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Looking for a locksmith in Perth that you can rely on? Don't sweat, you've come to the right place. Okay... so what do we actually do? What does a real locksmith do? This is the part where you want to hear about us cracking safes, taking from the banks, getting the girl and rolling off into the sunset right? We wish! We are strictly monitored and controlled by the Police Licensing Service in WA. So you can bank that we are the trustworthy people you will want to deal with.

Power Lock & Security are a licensed Security Agent, as well as licensed Installers and Consultants.

We can obviously assist with someone being locked out, but there are plenty of other things we can help you with also. Repairs and installation are just the start. We use only the highest quality, tested and guaranteed locks in the industry. We can upgrade, and even simplify all your locking equipment. Whether it be one key for home, the office and even the back shed, or no keys at all. We have the solution. Did you know we can even offer restricted options? Ask yourself this question: how easy is it to get a key cut? Now imagine that house or commercial property you have just moved into. How many keys are there floating around that you do not know about!? We can ensure that you take control of access to your property. From just one door, to literally thousands of combinations, we can help. We have experience with all matter of industries - from mining, oil and gas; hospitality; short and long term accommodation; government and defense; real estate and strata - you know what we mean!

If you need a door viewer, electric lock, intercom, access control or any other door hardware, we can help with that too! We fit, service and repair door closers, fire exit devices, egress equipment, you name it, we know it. Power Lock is also a dead set full bottle on Australian Standards when it comes to locks. From fire escapes, public area egress, pool requirements and rental regulations, we have it covered. And if you need something specific, we can handle that too. 

Do you know what a real master key is? Well it isn't the magical 'skeleton key' that everyone assumes locksmiths have! Locks need to have a master key built into them. The most common master key is probably on your key ring! If you have more than one lock that operates from one specific key, then technically it is a master key! But what if you want one key to open a whole office, and another key to open only certain doors? Well we do that too. In fact we have extensive experience with these options. Did you know that a standard commercial door knob can have as many as 64,000 different combinations of keys that can operate it? That means you could have an office or hotel with 64,000 different rooms operated by an individual key, but all 64,000 keys can operate the foyer entry! Ask us how to implement a master key system, from as little as one door, through to quite literally millions.

So what are you waiting for?! We service all of the Perth Metro area - including the hills! Call us today for the best in Perth Locksmiths.

Take the stress out of your security needs, Power Lock are reliable, affordable and friendly. And we will ensure you are secure!




Commonly known as 'changing the locks', we can assist if you have had your keys lost or stolen, or simply want one key to open all your doors.

Whether you have a lock that is playing up, or you need to jiggle that key, we can repair your lock without changing your keys.

For upgrades, installs or additional locks, our mobile workshop carries a wide range of locks that can assist with any application.

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